R Honey Pots

Functional Pottery by Liz R & Honey Bee Rescue

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Working with clay and bees instill in me not only a seasonal awareness, but a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things.

     In a world of drones and global factories, most of the products that appear on our shelves are essentially made by robots or by humans treated like robots.  The beauty of a handmade pot is the unquantifiable element of intention, the quality of human shaping and consciousness.  I make my pots to be held, loved, used, and incorporated into daily life. With luck, they won’t be tossed out with the rest of the consumer goods (90% of which end up in landfills six months after purchase), but will become part of a family heritage. And maybe that remnant of human touch will resonate through that user’s day, reminding them how we are all part of the same human family, trying to create an existence where as many people as we can possibly help live healthy, happy, just and profitable lives. By purchasing my pottery, you help me to pursue my dreams and an extremely peaceful lifestyle including beekeeping. In exchange, I hope that my pottery brings a sense of connectedness, calm and beauty.

The Name (R Honey Pots)

Abuzz with dreams of beekeeping and pottery, we filed for the business name, "R Honey Pots", for many reasons.

  • Both our last names start with R so we decided to condense ourselves into 'R'
  • Until we discovered the real pain, time-consuming, and truly golden qualities of honey harvesting, we figured that we would be making custom pottery Honey Pots to sell our honey.

BUT, honey pots don't keep the honey so well.  And it's a full time business just to process the honey.  So now the name represents the dual nature of our business- Pottery and Beekeeping.  We extract hives humanely and give the bees new homes and ways to replenish the native population.  I make pottery full-time, an exploration in self-employment that affords me the availability to throw all my stuff in the car to capture a swarm at 2 in the afternoon.


In the News:  http://www.bohemian.com/bohemian/06.18.08/bio-bees-0825.html

100% Handmade & Original Pots

How I make a mug (step by step)

First I throw the basic forms on my wheel.  Then, when they are leather-hard, I trim the bottoms and add extensions/handles/spouts.  When they are bone dry, I freehand with a black or other colored engobe/colored slip and etch away the details (a process called “scraffito”).  Each piece is original & unique.  Finally, I bisque fire the pots and dip them in an opalescent clear glaze before performing the final glaze fire.                     utube: Videos  

All my glazes are nontoxic.  They are high-fired porcelain-stoneware (cone 5 or 2118o) and are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe


           Peruse our booth at one of our shows!  Previews of latest kiln loads will be posted on my Facebook page & newsletter

If you would like to help me get a permanent spot at the Oregon Country Faire, please fill out my petition!

We are located in Forestville, CA .  However, aside from the Open Studio event, my studio is not open for visitation