R Honey Pots

Functional Pottery by Liz R & Honey Bee Rescue

1. How long will my order take?  Immediate availability depends on when you catch me in the firing schedule. Please email me (rhoneypots@gmail.com) for an estimate! If I have it on hand, it will be mailed to you by the next day. If not, it may take up to 3 weeks to throw, paint, glaze & fire.

2. Why doesn't it look like the image on the website? Each pot is unique.  While I repeat designs, they are all created individually, freehand.  Each looks like the photo, but there are many human (and other) factors that differentiate them.

3.  Shipping? We send everything Insured Pri8ority mail through the USPS and you'll be emailed tracking details.  And we gladly ship internationally. 

4.  What happens if something breaks in shipping?  Please take as many photos as you can, especially showing the pot inside the packaging, demonstrating that there is a space between the ceramic and the box wall.  Email those to me and I will take care of the insurance and create & mail you a replacement ASAP.  I've also found that super glue gel will hold a handle on through many dishwashings.

5. Do you do returns? No.  These are unique items and the trauma of mailing them back and forth is not a viable option.  If you are nervous to make a purchase, please come visit me in person at a venue on my calendar and peruse at will.  If you are in the area and would like to pick up a piece instead of mailing it, that is fine with me.. just know there are no pots on display at my studio.

6. I saw something at your show but I don't see it on the website.  I can't keep up with myself.  If you saw something, or even just imagined it, write or call me and we can make it reality.  I also have many many photos I have not managed to get onto the website, so please ask.

7. Can the tiles go outside?  Yes. They are high fired enough to handle freezing.  Feel free to incorporate them into your outdoor furniture/design.  Or use them as a trivet.

8. How do I order a table?  Joey welds the metal framing to whatever dimensions you desire.  I'll make the tile.  We just have to negotiate the details.